Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Suffering and Nirvana: What the Buddha Taught

Following is the outline of the talk Tenzin Prgye will deliver at Tibet House California on August 17th, 2016.

It was the sight of suffering that compelled Siddhartha Gautama to leave his palatial home, his family and become an ascetic. He became a Buddha or an awakened one when he found the solution that eliminated his suffering. Then he shared his wisdom for around fifty years with a huge number of people. 

That was 2550 years ago. Do the circumstances of Lord Buddha's lifetime compare to the lives of modern human beings?  I doubt that. I feel that we need first thoroughly to investigate our suffering and then test the teachings of Lord Buddha as an antidote. We failed to do so; we may be applying for write medicine on the wrong ailment.  

We will end the talk with the analysis of Buddha's teaching for the elimination of human suffering. 
  1. Shamatha and Vippashyna meditation for busy people
  2. Nature of our suffering, "When bad things happen to good people."
    1. Is suffering just a disagreeable feeling?
    2. Why do the righteous suffer?
    3. Is there a reason?
    4. Can there be an exception for nice people? 
    5. Can suffering ever be justified?
    6. Can religion help?
    7. Buddhist view of suffering and its relevance to modern times
  3. Measurement of Suffering
  4. Relationship between Happiness, Well-being, and Suffering
  5. What should we do to relieve our suffering
  6. Analysis of Buddha's teaching for alleviation of suffering

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